Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker Review: Worth It?

When it comes to getting your caffeine fix at home, there’s a certain joy in crafting the perfect espresso without stepping out the door. We’ve been brewing cup after cup with the Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker and it’s quite the conversation piece in our kitchen – not to mention the aromatic bliss it fills the room with every morning.

Effortlessly grinding whole beans with its built-in grinder, this Tchibo model stands out for being pod-free, which we found to be a more sustainable and flavorful way to enjoy our daily espresso. The coffee maker is sleek, fits snuggly on the counter, and is remarkably user-friendly, catering to those rushed morning routines or when you’re looking to indulge in a more leisurely coffee experience.

Tchibo Coffee Maker



While the machine scored high on aesthetics and convenience, the small water tank did require frequent refills, especially for us coffee enthusiasts who drink several cups throughout the day. However, given its overall performance and the quality of espresso it produces, this was a minor compromise. With a built-in reusable filter, the clean-up process is pretty straightforward, adding to its hassle-free charm.

Bottom Line

If a fresh, barista-level espresso from the comfort of your home sounds appealing, the Tchibo Coffee Maker is a solid choice.

It offers the convenience of a fully automatic machine paired with an integrated grinder for the freshest coffee possible.

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Overview of the Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Having freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button is a game-changer for our morning routine. That’s what the Tchibo coffee maker offers, and we’ve found it to be a robust addition to the kitchen. It’s a fully automatic espresso machine with an integrated grinder, which means we don’t have to buy separate pods or pre-ground coffee.

During our time with it, the convenience of having two large bags of whole beans included has made the Tchibo quite the valuable offer. However, we did notice that the water tank can be a bit small, which requires a few more refills than we’d like, yet that’s a minor inconvenience when considering the overall experience.

The machine’s black, modern style fits well with most kitchen decors, and its considerable weight of 27.2 pounds gives it a sturdy, quality feel. Through regular use, we’ve found it to be straightforward to operate, and the taste of espresso it produces has been consistently exceptional.

It’s not often that we come across an appliance that stands out for its simplicity and quality, especially when it has quickly climbed the ranks in its category since its release. The Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker makes the process of brewing coffee feel special every time, although we do have to stay on top of cleaning to keep it in top shape.

Integrated Coffee Grinder Feature

In our experience with the Tchibo coffee maker, one standout function is its built-in grinder. This feature is a boon for those of us who appreciate the freshness of grinding beans right before brewing. Conveniently, the grinder works with any whole beans, so we’re not locked into a specific brand or type—this flexibility lets us explore a variety of flavors and roasts.

However, while the idea of an integrated grinder is fantastic for freshness, we found the noise level to be higher than expected during the grinding process. It’s not a dealbreaker, but something to be mindful of if you’re averse to loud noises early in the morning.

Operationally, the grinder is user-friendly. It’s been a seamless process to adjust grind settings to match our brewing preferences. The inclusion of whole bean bags with the machine is a thoughtful touch, allowing us to dive straight into using the machine upon unboxing.

Overall, despite the noise, the grinder enhances the coffee making experience, contributing to a fresher, more flavorful cup.


Modern Styling and Design

We’ve had our hands on the Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker, and it truly brings a touch of modern elegance to the kitchen countertop. The sleek profile with minimalist lines fits seamlessly into contemporary decor, proving that functional appliances can double as a design statement. The integrated grinder means no unsightly bags of coffee or extra gadgets are cluttering the space—it’s all neatly encapsulated in one unit.

While it impresses with its aesthetics, the machine doesn’t compromise on usability. Its interface is intuitive, boasting a clarity that will have you brewing coffee effortlessly from the get-go. However, the machine’s finish, although looking chic, can be prone to fingerprints, requiring frequent cleaning to maintain its polished appearance.

In our time with the Tchibo, the design proved to be more than just surface level. It’s a compact machine that doesn’t skimp on quality, bringing a smart and refined look to modern coffee-making.

Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker - Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine - Built-in Grinder, No Coffee Pods Needed - Comes with 2 x 17.6 Ounce Bags of Whole Beans

Fully Automatic Convenience

Our experience with the Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker has shown us the true meaning of convenience. With this machine, the grind-to-brew process is entirely automated, eliminating the need for separate grinders or the hassle of coffee pods. Its built-in grinder took our whole beans and prepared fresh espresso right before our eyes, simplifying what was once a multi-step process into one seamless action.

While using the Tchibo, we appreciated the modern style and the ease of operation. The fully automatic feature means that even on those bleary-eyed mornings, we were able to have a cup of rich espresso without much fuss. The convenience, however, does come with a trade-off; the water tank capacity could be larger to reduce the frequency of refills.

Simplicity doesn’t mean cutting corners on quality. The coffee quality consistently impressed us, with each cup echoing the flavors and aromas one would expect from a high-end coffee shop. When we think about the seamless integration of grinding and brewing, topped by easy maintenance with a reusable filter, it’s clear that this espresso machine has a lot to offer for those valuing time and quality in their coffee ritual.

Pros and Cons

When our team put the Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker to the test, we quickly recognized several key advantages and a few drawbacks to consider. The machine has sparked a lot of kitchen conversations, not just for its sleek design but also for its performance. Let’s dive into what makes this product stand out, as well as address a couple of points where it may fall short for some users.


  • Built-in Grinder: We appreciated the convenience of the integrated grinder, eliminating the need for buying pre-ground coffee or a separate grinder. Freshly ground beans every time mean each cup is as aromatic and flavorful as possible.
  • Ease of Use: The simplicity of the one-button operation won us over. No complicated settings or steep learning curve here – it’s quite user-friendly.
  • No Pods Required: The machine does away with the need for coffee pods, which not only reduces waste but also offers the freedom to choose any whole beans. This aspect aligns with our eco-conscious preferences.
  • Quality of Coffee: The coffee quality is impressive. Whether we craved a strong shot of espresso or a milder brew, the Tchibo machine delivered consistently good coffee every time.
  • Quantity of Reviews: With over 2000 ratings, the consensus on quality and performance gives prospective buyers a well-rounded view.


  • Small Water Tank: Despite its compact design, we found ourselves refilling the water tank more frequently than we’d like, which can be a bit of an inconvenience for heavy coffee drinkers or in a busy household.
  • Price Point: The initial investment is somewhat steep. Although the price is fair for the features offered, it may be a deterrent for budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Maintenance: The machine requires regular cleaning, which isn’t a complex task, but for those who prefer less upkeep, this could be a con. We noted that staying on top of maintenance is necessary to ensure longevity and the best performance.

Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker - Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine - Built-in Grinder, No Coffee Pods Needed - Comes with 2 x 17.6 Ounce Bags of Whole Beans

What Customers Are Saying

Having spent some quality time with the Tchibo coffee maker, we’ve noticed that the sentiments from fellow users echo our experience. There’s an overwhelming appreciation for its simplicity and high-quality coffee output. As we savored another rich espresso, it was evident why this machine has become a beloved purchase for many. It has even converted some who have endured the complexities of other espresso machines, finding solace in the Tchibo’s straightforward operation and maintenance.

However, while the machine has charmed most of us, a minor reservation was its small water tank, which did come up in several conversations. Despite this, the overall mood reflects a very positive experience. The consensus among the community is that when it comes to balancing price, design, and the quality of the brew, this machine stands out. Enthusiasts who value both the bean’s journey to cup and the end result find themselves very happy with the decision to go with Tchibo.

Tchibo Whole Bean Coffee - Barista Espresso - Dark Roast for a Bold European Style Coffee - Intensity 5/6, Acidity 0/6, Roast Level 6/6-35.3 oz



After spending considerable time with the Tchibo Coffee Maker, we’ve found it’s a solid investment for those who appreciate fresh, barista-style coffee at home. The machine’s built-in grinder eliminates the need for pods, offering a more sustainable and flavorful coffee experience. Its performance is impressive; producing consistently excellent espresso that rivals our previous favorite machines. However, we must note its small water tank requires more frequent refills, which might be a slight inconvenience for some users.

We’ve grown quite fond of the Tchibo for its simplicity and well-thought-out design. The fact that it comes with two large bags of whole beans is a nice touch, allowing us to enjoy the machine right out of the box without the immediate need to purchase more coffee. As a testament to its quality, it’s become a prominent fixture in our daily routine. It’s not perfect—no product is—but for the price, it delivers on its promise of simplicity and quality in every cup.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our experience with the Tchibo Single Serve Coffee Maker, we’ve encountered several inquiries that potential users like you might find helpful. We’ve curated and answered these popular questions below, drawing from hands-on usage and thorough research.

What are the key features of Tchibo’s single serve coffee maker?

  • Integrated Coffee Grinder: Freshly grinds whole beans for each cup.
  • Fully Automatic Functionality: Effortless brewing with the touch of a button.
  • Modern Design: Sleek black look fits comfortably in contemporary kitchens.
  • Reusable Filter: Reduces waste and the need for disposable filters.

In our testing, these features worked harmoniously, delivering a seamless coffee-making experience. The grinder, in particular, ensured each cup was brewed with the freshest possible taste.

How does Tchibo single serve coffee maker compare to other leading brands?

  • Price Point: More affordable compared to high-end models without compromising quality.
  • Brew Quality: Competes closely with luxury brands in delivering rich and aromatic espresso.
  • Simplicity: Easier to use with fewer manual settings, suitable for those who value straightforward functionality.

What struck us most was Tchibo’s balance between affordability and performance, which can often be a rare find in the espresso machine market.

Can you use your own coffee with Tchibo’s single-serve machine?

Yes, you can use your own coffee beans. The machine is designed to accommodate any whole beans you prefer, providing versatility and customization for individual tastes. During our tests, we enjoyed experimenting with different bean varieties, which the Tchibo handled with ease.

Is there a warranty included with the purchase of a Tchibo coffee machine?

On purchase, Tchibo provides a manufacturer warranty. The details of the warranty vary, but it usually covers defects in material and workmanship. Always check the warranty specifics upon purchase as policies can change. We found the warranty assurance added a layer of confidence in using the machine.

How does the Tchibo espresso machine differ from its single serve coffee maker?

While they both share similar design elements and the same brand quality, the Tchibo espresso machine is specialized for espresso lovers, often allowing for more customizations such as shot length. The single-serve maker focuses on simplicity and speed for a variety of coffee drinks. When comparing the two, the espresso machine gave us a bit more control over the strength and flavor profiles of our shots.

What are the maintenance and cleaning requirements for a Tchibo coffee machine?

The Tchibo coffee machine requires regular cleaning of the coffee grounds container and drip tray. The machine also signals when it needs descaling.

  • Regular Rinsing: Run a water cycle without coffee to keep the system clean.
  • Descaling: Periodically required, depending on water hardness and frequency of use.
  • Coffee Grinder: Occasionally clean out leftover grounds to ensure freshness.

From our use, maintenance was straightforward, and the automatic alerts for descaling were particularly helpful in keeping the machine in top shape.

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