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Explore Top Coffee Concentrate Brands & Tips

Searching for the best coffee concentrate brands? You’re in the right place! We’ve picked out the top ones for your at-home coffee enjoyment. This way, you get the best coffee concentrates out there.

The brands we recommend are Jot, Saturnbird, Pop & Bottle, Explorer Cold Brew, and Javy. They all have something special to offer. You’ll find a brand that suits your taste and your budget.

Jot is our top choice overall. It has many flavors and provides 14 servings per bottle. Jot’s convenience and great taste set it apart.

Saturnbird shines with its powdered coffee, in easy-to-carry cups. Its different strengths ensure a tasty coffee wherever you go.

Pop & Bottle is perfect for those who love organic coffee. Their sustainable concentrate comes in four delicious flavors. It’s a great pick for eco-conscious customers.

Explorer Cold Brew leads in decaf concentrates. It comes in various caffeine levels and a big 32 oz. bottle. This brand is for those cutting back on caffeine but still love coffee.

Looking for quality on a budget? Javy is your answer. It offers 35 servings per bottle and a mess-free flip top lid. Javy is all about affordable yet top-notch coffee concentrates.

Jot - The Best Overall Coffee Concentrate

Jot is a standout in the world of coffee concentrates. It’s known for its rich coffee flavor, which doesn’t have a fake or harsh taste. This makes Jot a top choice for anyone who loves coffee.

Each Jot bottle can make up to 14 cups of coffee. This is perfect for those who enjoy coffee daily. You get to savor a high-quality brew at any time.

Jot’s bottle is made for on-the-go use. It has a lid that’s simple to open and close. Plus, there’s a special pour spot that avoids spills, keeping things neat.

Jot has a range of flavors because they believe everyone has different tastes. They have traditional black coffee, strong dark roast, and more. So, there’s something for everyone.

Subscribers to Jot get a cool bonus with their first order. They receive a stainless steel spoon. It’s a nice touch that adds to the joy of using their concentrate.

Jot isn’t just for a simple cup of coffee. You can use it to make other tasty treats like milkshakes and frappes. This adds fun and variety to your coffee experience.

Jot coffee concentrate

Saturnbird - The Best Powdered Coffee Concentrate

Saturnbird has a top-notch powdered coffee concentrate. It’s loved by many in the market. They offer it in mini to-go cups, perfect for those who love coffee and are often on the move.

Saturnbird’s coffee concentrate is known for its flexibility. It blends well whether you like your coffee hot or cold. Just mix it with hot water, cold water, or milk for a perfect cup.

They have six strengths, meeting various taste preferences. Fans of bold, robust flavors will enjoy their darker roasts, which are rich and full-bodied.

The concentrate is also praised for its smooth texture. It stays smooth, not gritty, even after it sits for a while. This means you’ll enjoy every sip, start to finish.

Although the product’s packaging is plastic, it’s travel-friendly and meets TSA rules. This convenience is a big plus for busy coffee lovers.

Saturnbird’s coffee concentrate is more than a treat for yourself. It’s a fantastic addition to coffee lovers’ gift baskets, showing off the best of coffee.

Discover the ease and wonderful flavors of Saturnbird’s powdered coffee concentrate. Try it and see why it’s so popular among coffee fans.

Saturnbird coffee concentrate

Pop & Bottle - The Best Organic Coffee Concentrate

Pop & Bottle is a top choice for organic coffee concentrate. They offer a USDA Organic certified coffee concentrate. It’s made from coffee beans that are sourced sustainably.

They stand out by offering a variety of flavors. You can choose from regular, caramel, classic mocha, and vanilla. Each flavor is special, delivering a strong taste that’s not too sweet or acidic.

This brand is known for being affordable. It costs about $1.16 per serving. This makes it a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly organic coffee concentrate.

The concentrate works well in both hot and cold drinks. Add it to your morning coffee or your iced afternoon pick-me-up. It’s free from preservatives, additives, or sweeteners, giving you the true taste of coffee.

Find the finest organic coffee with Pop & Bottle’s selection. They have something for everyone, from classic to unique flavors. Enjoy the inviting aroma and great taste of their coffee concentrate. It’s a sure way to make your coffee moments stand out.

Explorer Cold Brew - The Best Decaf Coffee Concentrate

Explorer Cold Brew ranks as the best in decaf coffee concentrate. It’s known for its great quality and flavor. If you want to cut back on caffeine or just enjoy decaf, Explorer Cold Brew is perfect for you.

This brand stands out because it offers different caffeine levels. You can choose from regular, high, low, and no caffeine. This choice lets everyone find the right decaf experience for them.

The taste of Explorer Cold Brew is well-balanced and smooth. It’s not too sour or bitter. Every cup is a pleasure, especially for those who love decaf coffee.

The 32 oz. bottle of Explorer Cold Brew makes up to 20 tasty drinks. You can enjoy it hot or cold. It also goes well with non-dairy milk, adding to the drink’s versatility.

Although it’s priced at about $2.25 per serving, Explorer Cold Brew is worth it. The brand’s focus on decaf coffee means a product designed to be the best, without any flavored alternatives.

Try the best decaf coffee concentrate with Explorer Cold Brew. Enjoy rich flavors, choose your caffeine level, and have a satisfying coffee time.


Coffee concentrate brands make it easy to enjoy great coffee at home. This is perfect for those who love bold flavors, want eco-friendly choices, need decaf, or are on a tight budget. There’s a brand out there for everyone.

Jot’s amazing flavor and Saturnbird’s ease with to-go cups stand out. Pop & Bottle offers organic options, and Explorer Cold Brew brings versatility. These brands are top choices, each adding something special to your coffee game.

Pick one of these coffee concentrates to make a great cup anytime. You won’t have to give up on taste or quality. Try your coffee hot or cold. Or, use it to make fun treats like milkshakes and smoothies.


What is coffee concentrate?

Coffee concentrate is a strong form of coffee. It’s made by soaking coffee grounds in water for a long time. Then, you can mix it with water or milk to enjoy.

How is coffee concentrate different from regular coffee?

Coffee concentrate is more potent than a usual cup of coffee. It’s a strong base for mixed drinks. You can make it lighter by adding more water or milk.

How do I make coffee concentrate?

Start by soaking coffee grounds in cold water for 12-24 hours. After that, filter it and mix the liquid with water or milk. You can also buy ready-made coffee concentrate.

How long does coffee concentrate last?

If kept in the fridge, coffee concentrate stays good for up to two weeks.

Can coffee concentrate be used for hot and cold drinks?

Absolutely, coffee concentrate can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Heat it up with water or milk for a warm drink. Or mix it with cold water or milk for an iced treat.

How much coffee concentrate should I use?

The right amount of coffee concentrate varies. It depends on how strong you like your coffee. Begin with a little and then add more if it’s not strong enough.

Can I use coffee concentrate in other recipes?

Coffee concentrate is great for many recipes. You can use it in baking, smoothies, and even cocktails for a coffee twist.

Are there any organic coffee concentrate options?

Yes, Pop & Bottle makes an organic coffee concentrate. It’s a good option for those looking for organic choices.

How many servings are in a bottle of coffee concentrate?

The number of servings in a coffee concentrate bottle varies. Each bottle’s label shows how many servings you can get out of it.

Can I customize the strength of my coffee using coffee concentrate?

Indeed, you have control over your coffee’s strength with concentrate. Just alter the amount of concentrate and how much water or milk you mix in.

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